Let’s be honest…

When it comes to fundraising, are you spinning your wheels?
Is your fundraising plan based on hunches or google searches?
Is every mailing a logistical nightmare?
Are you putting forth a lot of effort without seeing the results?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.
We’ve been there and we’re here to help!

What if you had more time to meet with donors?
What if you were confident in your fundraising plan and its implementation?
What if your CRM was a tool instead of black box?
What if fundraising was actually fun?

What if you had access to our experience, passion, and perspective?


How can we help?

Fundraising Planning

Increase confidence in your current plan. We provide the best-practice insights.


Why learn fundraising the hard way? We come alongside your team and give them the confidence they need to flourish.

Donor Data Optimization

Data can be dizzying. It can also be the key to your future success. We can tame your database and reveal the key insights you need.

Initiative Implementation

Monthly Giving? New Event? Giving Tuesday? We’re here to help make your next project magnificent.

Process Improvement

Bad processes cost you time, energy and money. We make the one time investments needed to save you from future headaches.

Staff & Board Development

Fundraising is a team sport. Through presentations and workshops, we maximize your key stakeholder’s efforts

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We’re blessed to work alongside amazing nonprofit clients and we’re proud of the impact we’ve had on their missions. However, you don’t have to take our word for it . . .

Abby Punt

Development Director

Treetops Collective

“We worked with Jon from Clarity Fundraising to get our donor database into shape. Jon helped us think through how we could truly maximize the information and now we are in better shape to spend more time fundraising. Jon’s experience in fundraising makes his advice especially relevant and practical for small teams trying to stretch every dollar.” 

Emily & David Romero

Co-Founders & Director

Jubilee Centers International

“We have worked with Jon for almost ten years.  Jon’s support has been great at helping us problem solve, prioritize fundraising tasks as well as helping our team plan, delegate, and execute fundraising initiatives.  He is someone who really knows where we should be going, how to get there, and how to coach others along their unique fundraising journeys.”

Bob Crow

Chief Development Officer

Multiply 222 Network

“Jon has been most helpful to me as a relatively new development officer.  He is wise and patient with a remarkable ability to hold mission, vision and values with the minute details of a well-organized CRM and effective communication strategies.  Jon is passionate about his work, which is helping not just me, but our ministry, to be successful.  I highly recommend him.”


Jonathan Helder CFRE, ECRF

Education & Certifications

Bachelors in Business & Finance Grand Valley State University

Certified Fund Raising Executive CFRE International

Certificate in Religious Fundraising Lake Institute, Lilly School of Philanthropy, Indiana University

Principles & Techniques of Fundraising Lilly School of Philanthropy, Indiana University

Work Experience

Advancement Director
All Belong Center for Inclusive Education

Development Director
Jubilee Centers International

Fundraiser, Coach, Data Nerd

I love nonprofits! In addition to the vital role they play in society, I love working with people whose life’s work is serving others. I founded Clarity so that I could use my experience and know-how to strengthen nonprofit’s missions and bolster their impact in our community. After nearly a decade of fundraising and nonprofit leadership experience, I have learned what works, what doesn’t, and how to use data to tell the difference. I would love the opportunity to see how I can help further your mission.

I am the proud father of Lily & Flint, husband of Emily, and native of Grand Rapids, Michigan. When I’m not working with partners, you can usually find me fixing up my 1930’s Tudor or traveling with my family to National Parks and throughout the great lakes state.

Community Engagement


Board Member, Chair of Fundraising Education

Bonus Facts

  • Jon can juggle
  • Jon has an identical twin brother
  • Jon’s personal budget spreadsheet has 20 tabs
  • Jon is a great marshmallow roaster.


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